Top 10 reasons to switch to online training...

1. No Travel

No travel means no travel costs. No airfare, no taxis, no hotel, no per diem. No time wasted traveling. And, more importantly, no time away from the office. For many of our customers, traveling is part of the job. By taking an on-line course, you don't have to make one more out of town trip to get to the training you need. You get to stay at home AND increase your bottom line by eliminating travel expenses. Unexpected emergencies are, well, unexpected. Our online training solution means personnel are accessible when you need them.

2. Mobile Friendly, Desktop Friendly, Human Friendly

Most of us live and work in a mixed computing environment (iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux). No problem. All you need to take a course is a modern web browser and internet access.

3. Anytime, Anywhere

Terms like "24/7", "365", and "five nines" are more than buzz words to us... it's our goal. Our courses are available for you to take anytime, day or night, rain or snow, as long as you have an internet connection and a web browser. Take the course in increments... like during your lunch break, at your hotel, between meetings, during meetings, and even at home (oh, joy!).


I'm wondering if I can take your course in Paducah? Yes, absolutely. OK, I'm going to be in Paducah next week, can I take it then? Yes, next week is fine. Where do I take the course when I get to Paducah? Any where you'd like to, as long as you have an internet connection. Do they have those in Paducah? Yes, I think they do. - True story, and that's how we got our tagline "Anytime. Anywhere. Even in Paducah."

4. Rapid Deployment

Roll out our complete curriculum for your entire company... today. We're not kidding. We could say more, but we'd be wasting time. It's that fast.

5. Consistency

Online training is a great way to ensure consistency of training, particularly with a geographically diverse company. You can rest assured that all your employees are getting the same quality training.

6. Custom Content

One of our clients, an environmental consulting company, needed a training course that covered the basics for shipping environmental samples from the field. The solution was to offer a modified DOT course to cover the topics they needed. Another client wanted both RCRA and DOT training combined into one course. Again, no problem.

7. Up-to-date Content

We update our courses on an ongoing basis, incorporating regulatory changes and user comments. And since it's online, the changes we make are available immediately. No waiting for cd-roms, videos, or scheduling training sessions. And when changes do occur, we'll let you know so you can have your users review the changes online.

8. Low-Cost Enterprise Solution

For all the reasons presented here, it's hard to beat the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of online training. And since it's a hosted solution, there are no setup fees, no integration fees, no consulting fees, no hardware costs, software costs. You simply pay based on the number of people wish to use our online training.

9. Coordinator Tools

Eduwhere's courses are broken down into modules. An exam follows each module and your scores are automatically tracked. As a Training Coordinator, you can monitor your personnel as they progress through their training, print certificates and documentation, and easily see who needs refresher training. All of this available online in the event of an inspection. Or call us and we'll be happy to help (yes, we really do get phone calls with a client whispering into the phone "the FAA is here...").

10. Free Stuff

We believe strongly in the power and importance of training. And we've always tried to keep our fees affordable. But every once in a while, we like to offer a course for free. No cost. Free as in free. As in you pay nothing, nada, egg, zilch. Sometimes we send out an announcement in our email newsletter, and sometimes we make it free and don't tell anyone just to see if you're all paying attention.