You have questions, we have answers. Hopefully you'll find the answer to your question on this page. And yes, these really are questions that are frequently asked. If your question is not on this page (or if you want to get your answer directly from a human), please feel free to call, email, or live chat.

In a word, email. The best way to enroll a group is send your list of trainees to info@eduwhere.com.

Here is what you need to email us:

  • which course(s) your group should be enrolled in,
  • each trainee name as it should appear on their certificate,
  • email address to receive login coordinates (for each person or a central one is fine),
  • mailing address for certificate packages,
  • payment coordinates: (we accept all major credit cards or checks - please let us know where to email the group invoice / payment link), and
  • going green? Let us know if you'd like to save a tree and go paperless (you can always download your training documentation in PDF format). Hardcopies will be mailed at no additional charge unless you opt to go green.

Yes, we have excellent discount options for you.

The price break starts if your organizations enrolls in 5 or more enrollments per year. The full discount structure is:

  • 5% off for 5 enrollments per year;
  • 10% off for 10 courses per year; and
  • 20% off for 20 or more enrollments per year.

Do I get 100% off for 100 or more enrollments? No (nice try), but if you have a larger group, just send us an email and we'll offer you a custom proposal.

Designate yourself as a Training Coordinator when you enroll your group. You'll get Eduwhere's free training management tool that provides password protected access to your teams transcripts. As a Training Coordinator, you can monitor the progress of your group members in their course(s), print certificates, view exam scores, re-enroll students who need refresher training, and sign up new users.

Each type of training has its own refresher / re-certification / review requirements. We have a table listing many of the common refresher training requirements.

Training requirements vary depending on the course. We'll send you a Gentle Training Reminder email (to the email on your account and/or to your company's designated Training Coordinator) when the training you take with us is prescribed to be refreshed. Training Reminders are a service we provide to all our clients, if you would like to opt out of Training Reminders just let us know.

You may break the course into as many segments as you need. Take a few modules today and pick up where you left off tomorrow. (This obviously does not apply to our "live online" training).

Enrollments expire after 6 months. Access the course as much as you like during that time. If you run into a scheduling conflict and need an extension to complete the training just ask.

It's pretty easy. After you choose the course you'd like to take, simply register for the course using our secure online registration process. Once we receive your registration and activate your account, we'll send you an email with your login information and you're ready to go. Taking the course involves reviewing the online course materials and taking multiple choice exams to check your understanding of the material. You participate in the course at your convenience... at work or at home, anytime of the day or night, all in one setting or in little chunks over time. It's up to you. Online learning is flexible.

Yes. Each course is broken into modules, with an exam at the end of each module. Upon submitting your answers, you receive immediate feedback on your results. You are then given the opportunity to return to the module and/or retake the exam. You may retake an exam as many times as you like. We record the scores of all your exams and provide a printed copy of your results.

In order to successfully complete an exam, you must score at least 70%. Groups may specify their own passing score (we've had some clients that want their employees to score 100% on all exams.)

No. Free retakes as needed. In fact, you may retake the course and reference the material as often as you like for six months.

Yes. Upon successful completion of the course, you may download and/or print a PDF version of your certificate. And most courses also provide a printed certificate package, which includes 1) a printed certificate, 2) a printed copy of your score sheet, and 3) a laminated mini-certificate to keep in your wallet. MSHA courses do not receive certificates or laminated wallet cards (turns out providing certificates and mini-certs causes lots of confusion, so we only send the documentation MSHA requires).

Other courses, such as Fire Safety, do not receive printed certificate packages (PDF only). Free courses only receive PDF certificates. We also offer "green" options for groups and individuals, allowing you the option of saving a few trees by going for electronic documentation. For those who do receive printed certificates, we mail your certificate package via United States Postal Service (USPS) to the address you provide during registration. Expedited courier service (such as FedEx) is available for an additional charge of $25 for United States (sorry, no expedited service for international addresses).

Note: Certificates are only available once payment has been received.

Good question. Online training offers certain advantages over classroom training, such as taking the course at your own convenience, no travel costs, and no time away from the office. Similarly, classroom training has advantages over online courses, like being able to raise your hand and ask a question and hands-on training opportunities. It all comes down to personal learning styles. Some people need a classroom environment, while others thrive in a "study at your own pace" environment afforded by online training.

Our Philosophy

We'd like to make a couple of points about training in general, and online training in particular. Not only is training required by various regulatory agencies (EPA, DOT, OSHA, MSHA, etc), it is extremely important in terms of providing a safe work environment. Our advice is "don't cut corners when it comes to training." Having stated that, our online courses are designed to assist personnel get the training they need, when they need it, and at a price they can afford. It is not provided as a way of "getting around" training requirements.

While we make every attempt to present appropriate training in an easy to understand format, we cannot ensure or guarantee that each user will emerge from training as competent and proficient. If that sounds like a disclaimer, it is. It's also a reminder that the regulations require you, the employer, to ensure that your employees are adequately trained. It's our goal at Eduwhere to provide training materials, training tools, and a training environment to assist employers meet their regulatory training obligations.