Online OSHA 8 Hour Hazwoper Refresher Training Course

OSHA 8 Hour Hazwoper Refresher

The goal of this OSHA mandated training is to provide personnel involved with the clean-up of hazardous waste sites the knowledge to safely work in a hazardous environment.

This course is intended to assist in satisfying the annual training requirement of the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) rule, found in Title 29 of the Code of Federal Regulations Part 1910.120. The standard was specifically developed to protect workers that may be exposed to hazardous waste at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and at EPA licensed waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities; as well as workers responding to emergencies involving hazardous materials, such as spills.

Course Details

When you work with hazardous waste, it’s essential to stay up to date with best practices and ensure that you maintain a comprehensive knowledge of safety procedures. That’s why OSHA mandates that those who were required to complete the OSHA HAZWOPER course when they began their career in hazardous waste handling take an 8-hour refresher course each year. If you do not take the refresher training within 12 months of your initial training or last refresher course, your HAZWOPER certification will lapse.

Eduwhere’s convenient online OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher course satisfies OSHA’s requirement for this training. From the convenience of your home or office, you can fortify your knowledge of how to handle hazardous waste safely and how to proceed in the case of a hazardous waste emergency. You will also become aware of critical updates in best practices for containment, management and storage that may have surfaced since your original certification or last refresher course.

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  • Instant Access, Online, On-Demand
  • Certificate, Wallet Card, Scoresheet
  • Accepted by: OSHA

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  • Module 1 Introduction
  • Module 2 Planning & Organization
  • Module 3 Physical & Chemical Properties & Exposure
  • Module 4 Hazard Evaluation
  • Module 5 Personal Protective Equipment
  • Module 6 Monitoring
  • Module 7 Drum and Container Handling
  • Module 8 Decontamination
  • Module 9 Emergency Response

Who Should Take Eduwhere’s HAZWOPER Refresher Course?

This course is intended for supervisors, environmental professionals, and other hazardous waste site personnel, including:

  • Workers in cleanup operations at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites;
  • Workers at EPA-licensed waste TSD facilities;
  • Workers responding to emergencies involving hazardous materials;
  • Hazardous Materials Technicians; and
  • Any individuals requiring annual OSHA 8 Hour Refresher training, as required by 29 CFR 1910.120;

Are You Involved in the Cleanup at Hazardous Waste Sites?

If you work in hazardous waste cleanup, you must be HAZWOPER certified. Anyone who works in hazardous waste and emergency operations—whether staff, manager or supervisor—is required to have this certification or risk noncompliance with OSHA standards. Hazardous waste cleanup employees must also take refresher training within a year of their initial training or last refresher training.

The employees to whom this pertains include those who perform hazardous waste operations, contribute to voluntary or mandatory clean-ups, contribute to corrective actions concerning clean-ups or perform emergency response operations. It also applies to supervisors, managers, contractors and subcontractors who work onsite. Nearly every individual who works on a hazardous waste site will benefit from this important training.

Do You Work at an EPA-Licensed Waste TSD Facilities?

If you work at an uncontrolled hazardous waste site, such as a Superfund site, you must complete an 8-hour HAZWOPER Refresher training each year. This pertains not only to staff, managers and supervisors who work directly with cleanup but also to those who may risk exposure to hazardous materials in performing other tasks, such as utility work. Personnel who work at EPA-Licensed Waste TSD Facilities include employees who assess sites, excavate and handle containers, monitor hazardous materials and operate onsite equipment. All such employees will benefit tremendously from Eduwhere’s training modules, which cover a broad range of topics from hazard evaluation to drum and container handling and decontamination.

Do You Respond to Emergencies Involving Hazardous Materials?

If you are involved in emergency operations related to hazardous waste, you must complete an 8-hour OSHA HAZWOPER refresher training. As elaborated in the HAZWOPER standard, this includes personnel engaged in emergency response related to the release or threat of release of hazardous waste. It also pertains to staff engaged in clean-up operations at uncontrolled hazardous waste sites, those taking corrective actions related to clean-up operations, those participating in voluntary clean-ups at uncontrolled sites, and those involved in other operations related to hazardous storage, treatment and disposal.

Eduwhere’s exhaustive refresher course will equip emergency operations personnel with all the information they need to be up to date with current best practices in emergency management. Upon completing the 8-hour refresher training, emergency operations personnel will feel confident that they are fully informed on the latest developments in hazardous waste emergency response.

Are You a Hazardous Materials Technician?

Hazardous materials technicians are among the personnel who are required to complete HAZWOPER certification training and subsequent annual refresher training. If you are responsible for handling emergency calls related to hazardous waste emergencies, this training will strengthen your confidence in mitigating dangerous hazardous waste incidents and containing spills while maintaining personal safety.

With modules that cover hazard evaluation, personal protection equipment, drum and container handling, decontamination and emergency response, the OSHA HAZWOPER Refresher training is imperative for technicians who handle hazardous waste. Hazardous waste technicians will gain all of the information they need to be prepared for critical situations concerning hazardous waste management.

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  • Refresh your knowledge and understanding of the requirements for hazardous waste operations and emergency response (HAZWOPER), as required by 29 CFR 1910.120; and
  • To help satisfy the annual HAZWOPER training required for re-certification.
(Note: Although this course covers much of the information required by the regulations, many employers may find it necessary to augment this online training with additional site-specific information and hands on training (such as reviewing site-specific health and safety plans and/or providing respirator fit testing).


Linda R. Taylor, PE

Linda is the owner of Taylor Engineering, and a former faculty member in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Technology at NC State University and the former Director of Environmental Health & Safety at North Carolina State University's IES. She has over 30 years of engineering experience working in industry, academia, and environmental consulting, including over 25 years at North Carolina State University. She has provided instruction on a wide range of environmental, health, transportation, and safety topics at conferences and training courses, both live and online, and she is a licensed Professional Engineer and an OSHA authorized instructor.

Ms. Taylor received a BS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and a MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Contact Hours

8 Contact Hours
This represents the estimated time to complete the online course, including exercises. Actual times may vary from user to user.

Training Requirement

Citation: 29 CFR Part 1910.120

29 CFR 1910.120(e)(8):

"Refresher training. Employees specified in paragraph (e)(1) of this section, and managers and supervisors specified in paragraph (e)(4) of this section, shall receive eight hours of refresher training annually on the items specified in paragraph (e)(2) and/or (e)(4) of this section, any critique of incidents that have occurred in the past year that can serve as training examples of related work, and other relevant topics."

How Often Does OSHA HAZWOPER Training Need to Be Updated?

Employees who work in hazardous waste handling and emergency operations must complete an 8-hour HAZWOPER Refresher course within a year of their initial training or last refresher course.

Refresher Training Required: Every 1 year(s).

Why Choose Eduwhere for Your OSHA 8 Hour HAZWOPER Refresher Course?

Eduwhere understands the demands of your busy schedule, so we offer you a convenient yet comprehensive course for renewing your HAZWOPER certification training online. Available on demand from your home or office, you can complete this 8-hour OSHA-approved training on your own schedule. When you finish the course, you will receive a certificate, wallet card, and scoresheet that will demonstrate your understanding of current HAZPOWER best practices and show that you are in compliance with OSHA regulations.

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Course FAQs

If you've read many of our FAQs, you realize that we really do get this question a lot. No, the course is not certified or endorsed by OSHA. The biggest reason it's not certified by OSHA is because OSHA does not certify courses. Nor do they certify training providers. So, the next question is usually...
Maybe. Not the answer you were looking for? We hear you, but it's entirely up to the employer to determine what type of training is appropriate for their employees. The regulations place the onus on the company to ensure that their employees are adequately trained. A refresher training course that is perfect for one company may be entirely inadequate for another. Please review the course description thoroughly, and if you have questions about whether this course is appropriate for your situation, feel free to contact us and we'll do our best to answer your questions.
Yes. Here is an excerpt from OSHA's October 20, 1999 letter of interpretation concerning online refresher training:

"As a matter of policy, OSHA does not approve or endorse training programs. The employer, rather than the training provider, is ultimately responsible for ensuring that employees acquire the training and skills needed to perform their duties in a safe and healthful manner."

Once again, OSHA leaves the determination up to the employer. They do have concerns about online training. Specifically, OSHA believes hands-on training and access to a qualified instructor is extremely important for refresher training (and we agree). We suggest our course be augmented with additional "hands on" exercises such as a respirator fit-test, a review of a site-specific health and safety plan (HASP), and any other material or exercises deemed appropriate by the employer.
Although you might think it's obvious, we do get this question. The answer is... at least eight (8) hours. The regulations require that training be at least eight hours in duration, so if you are able to breeze through the course content in three or four hours, you have not fulfilled the eight hour requirement. Each user must spend at least 8 hours participating in their annual review. In addition to the course materials, we provide links to external resources found at EPA and OSHA as additional exercises for the user to explore (being a fast reader doesn't help reduce the time requirement). As mentioned in the previous FAQ (above), we suggest hands-on and site specific training be provide by the employer to augment the online training material. Our final exam consists of one question... it asks that the user certify that they have spent at least eight (8) hours participating in the review.
Good question, because nobody wants to sit through initial training again, right? OSHA has a 1993 Letter of Interpretation regarding lapsed training after initial 24 or 40 hour training. Here's an excerpt:
"OSHA's intent is that employees should complete their refresher training within twelve months of their initial training, although we do understand that courses may be missed due to unavoidable circumstances. The employee who misses a refresher training should attend the next available refresher course. Please note that in some states operating their own OSHA-approved state safety and health program, refresher training must be completed by the exact anniversary of the initial training. As you may be aware, 23 states operate their own state program."
You can read the full letter online:

The course fee entitles a single user to participate in the online course for at least six (6) months. Requests for additional time will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but are almost always honored. Hardcopy certificates are mailed (first class for domestic locations/standard airmail for international locations) and included in the course fee. Expedited shipping costs are additional.