DOT Hazardous Waste Manifest Training: Online Certification Course

DOT Hazardous Waste Manifest

This course provides an introduction to the Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifest, and is designed to comply with the requirements for off-site shipment of hazardous waste. Hazardous Waste Generators (as defined by 40 CFR Part 261, and includes both large and small quantity generators) who send hazardous waste off-site must comply with the Hazardous Waste Manifest System. The Hazardous Waste Manifest System is a set of forms, reports, and procedures designed to seamlessly track hazardous waste from the time it leaves the generator facility where it was produced, until it reaches the off-site waste management facility that will store, treat, or dispose of the hazardous waste. Employees who sign the Hazardous Waste Manifest must receive training as required by 49 CFR 172.704 Subpart H.

In addition to covering the function specific training for signing manifests, this course also includes general awareness of hazardous materials and security awareness, and may be used to satisfy the DOT training requirements found in 49 CFR 172.704 with respect to signing hazardous waste manifests. This training also satisfies the requirement that participants be tested on the material.

Course Details

The Hazardous Waste Manifest System is an essential part of safe hazmat shipping for off-site treatment, storage, or disposal. By completing Eduwhere’s short online DOT Hazardous Waste Manifest training, employees who must complete the manifest as part of their job duties will gain comprehensive knowledge of each manifest component. Sharing real-world scenarios from her 20 years in industry and environmental consulting, instructor Linda R. Taylor will impart critical knowledge to students in just 2 contact hours. The course also provides a base of knowledge that will prepare individuals for taking additional hazmat-related coursework.

Eduwhere’s class is accepted by the DOT and also meets the requirements for the tri-annual Hazmat refresher course. After taking the initial course, personnel may complete the same course again within three years to meet the requirement.

DOT Hazardous Waste Manifest certification is required for those who work at hazmat remediation sites; are responsible for the environmental impact of hazardous chemicals at a facility; or process, store, use, dispose of or treat hazardous waste as part of their profession. Available on demand from the comfort of your home or office, this course will provide you with a certificate, wallet card, and scoresheet upon completion.

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  • Accepted by: DOT

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  • General Awareness
  • DOT Hazardous Materials Regulations
  • Hazardous Waste Manifest
  • Security Awareness

Who Should Take Eduwhere’s Hazardous Waste Manifest Course?

Personnel who generate, handle, store, treat or dispose of hazardous waste may be required to prepare or interpret a hazardous waste manifest; Environmental professionals at remediation sites who are responsible for manifesting hazardous waste; Environmental managers at facilities who use hazardous chemicals, and individuals wanting to know more about hazardous waste regulations will find the information provided in the course valuable.

Do You Handle Hazardous Waste?

The number of personnel who handle hazardous waste is much higher than you might think. It actually includes more than just individuals who work on hazmat sites or transport hazmat materials from place to place. The broad range of people who work with hazardous waste includes many individuals who work in remediation, treatment, management and storage; prepare materials for shipment; and work for third-party shippers such as UPS, DHL or FedEx.

You may be actively involved in Hazmat ground transportation as a loader or driver or part of the team that prepares, packages and marks the packages for shipment. Your thorough understanding of the components of the hazardous manifest is critical to your safety, as well as that of your team and the greater environment.

Do You Ship Hazardous Waste?

As noted previously, hazardous waste includes not only the usual suspects, such as toxic chemicals, radioactive materials, and explosives, but also many items most of us encounter in our daily environment. All hazmat fits into one of the nine classes of hazardous materials identified in DOT 49 CFR 172.101 and 173:

  • Explosives
  • Gasses
  • Flammable and Combustible Liquids
  • Flammable Solids
  • Oxidizing Substances and Organic Peroxides
  • Toxic Substances and Infectious Substances
  • Radioactive Materials
  • Corrosives
  • Miscellaneous Hazardous Materials

Common household materials such as pesticides, beauty supplies, cleaning solutions, house paint, and even electronic waste such as batteries may fit the criteria for hazardous waste. If you are involved at any stage of the hazmat shipping workflow—even if you are a third-party shipper—you must have Hazardous Waste Manifest certification. Completing this Eduwhere DOT Hazardous Waste Manifest training course will give you the confidence of knowing the Hazmat Manifest inside and out and reduce the potential for injury or environmental damage throughout the shipping process.

Do You Transport Hazardous Waste?

Regardless of what type of vehicle you’re driving, if you’re transporting hazmat, you must complete DOT Hazardous Waste Manifest training. This applies not only to drivers of company vehicles, but to third-party shipper trucks and personal vehicles as well. Failure to gain certification will put your company at risk for liability or fines in the event of injury or environmental damage.

The Eduwhere training will ensure that you are aware of which materials in your purview fit the criteria for hazardous waste, inform you of the DOT and general security requirements associated with such materials, and thoroughly educate you on every part of the hazardous waste manifest.

Industries that Require Hazardous Waste Manifest Courses

Because there are so many categories of hazardous waste materials, these substances are involved in a broad range of environments. These include industries such as automotive, trucking, electronics, recycling, beauty, manufacturing, painting, and appliances. Many individuals and managers in these industries must complete Hazardous Waste Manifest training. Companies that create hazmat placards for worksites must also complete such training to comply with DOT regulations.

If you are looking for work in one of the above industries or any other that might involve hazardous waste management, completing this training proactively may give you a leg up on the competition.

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Individuals completing the course should:

  • understand the requirements of the hazardous waste manifest;
  • be able to complete a hazardous waste manifest;
  • meet the training requirements of 49 CFR 172.704 with respect to signing hazardous waste manifests;
  • understand security concerns with regards to hazardous materials shipments;
  • have a general understanding (general awareness) of hazardous materials transportation.


Linda R. Taylor, PE

Linda is the owner of Taylor Engineering, and a former faculty member in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Technology at NC State University and the former Director of Environmental Health & Safety at North Carolina State University's IES. She has over 30 years of engineering experience working in industry, academia, and environmental consulting, including over 25 years at North Carolina State University. She has provided instruction on a wide range of environmental, health, transportation, and safety topics at conferences and training courses, both live and online, and she is a licensed Professional Engineer and an OSHA authorized instructor.

Ms. Taylor received a BS in Civil Engineering from Stanford University and a MS in Environmental Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Contact Hours

2 Contact Hours
This represents the estimated time to complete the online course, including exercises. Actual times may vary from user to user.

Training Requirement

Citation: 49 CFR 172.704 (Subpart H)

DOT's training requirements for shipping hazardous materials is located in 49 CFR Part 172 Subpart H. In addition to initial training [49 CFR 172.704(c)(1)], DOT requires "recurrent training" every 3 three years.

"A hazmat employee shall receive the training required by this subpart at least once every three years." [49 CFR 172.704(c)(2)]

How Often Does Hazardous Waste Manifest Training Need to Be Updated?

The DOT requires those involved in hazmat shipping to take refresher Hazardous Waste Management training every three years, as specified in [49 CFR 172.704(c)(2)]. Eduwhere’s on-demand online training, instantly accessible from your home or office, makes this requirement easy to fulfill.

Refresher Training Required: Every 3 year(s).

Why Choose Eduwhere for Your Hazardous Waste Manifest Course?

Our Hazardous Waste Manifest Course will equip you with a thorough understanding of each component of the hazmat manifest. Your expert instructor is Linda R. Taylor, PE, the former Director of Environmental Health & Safety at North Carolina State University's IES. An engineer and consultant for over 30 years, Ms. Taylor is an OSHA authorized instructor with a wealth of real-life experience in hazardous waste management. Through this course, you will gain knowledge of the different categories of hazardous waste, as well as DOT procedures and security concerns with relation to hazmat. You will also learn how to complete every portion of the hazardous waste manifest.

For twenty-five years, Eduwhere has provided accessible, affordable online education to employees in our nation’s most essential industries. By providing top-tier expert instruction in a convenient format, we make it easy for professionals to attain the training they need.

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The course fee entitles a single user to participate in the online course for at least six (6) months. Requests for additional time will be considered on a case-by-case basis, but are almost always honored. Hardcopy certificates are mailed (first class for domestic locations/standard airmail for international locations) and included in the course fee. Expedited shipping costs are additional.